Holiday Parties at Work

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Some of you have already attended a holiday party, some of you have yet to, and some of you won’t at all. My boss doesn’t do a holiday party but in April at some point he’ll have a crawfish boil like last year. Unfortunately last year it was on my birthday April 5, this year it’ll probably be on a Friday again so it won’t be on my birthday. If it is, he won’t see me there, lol.

I went to my husband’s holiday party with him however and we had a fair amount of fun. There was gambling with play money and an open bar – my favorite part. The gambling was fun, I played Blackjack and won a few hands, it was fun though. I can’t imagine playing with real money though, I just wouldn’t have as much fun I think.

But I hold my liquor well, I get a little more animated of course, and a little less inhibited, but I’m extremely modest, so even when I’m less inhibited I’m still quite under control. Thankfully, there are those less fortunate than I, are you one of those? Do you have any funny stories to tell about a holiday function sponsored by an employer where you or someone else embarrassed themselves? Tell us all about it… ;-D




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