Holiday Cheer and the New Year

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Well, I had a great week, I only really had one day off to relax, but that’s okay. I saw a lot of family and we don’t spend near as much time together as we’d like so that was a good thing.

All the children in the family are of course growing and getting cuter every day, it’s amazing to see.

2009 is upon us and in three days we will greet a new year and begin to lay plans for it.

Have you made any resolutions yet for the new year? If you have what are they?

I saw that cheesy commercial for Weight Watchers, David Lee Roth’s ex wife I forget her name, where she talks to the camera about 2008 being the first year she doesn’t resolve to lose weight and then 2009 being the second year. She gets all emotional, yada yada. So cheesy.

I haven’t made any resolutions yet, except one really and that’s to go back to school.


My family was excited to hear that I’m going back, and I’m sort of excited about it too. It’s time to finish what I started, and better sooner than later.

For those of you that went to the movies over the last week, what did you see? How did you like it?

But the burning question is…..what’s in store for your 2009?


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