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I wanted to update my list of free jewelry providers for those of you that like variety, and most of all…free stuff. So here are all the best in freebies I could find. I hope you enjoy this list, please check them all out, and get you some free stuff!

Free Gold Jewelry
I don’t wear gold because I think it looks silly on me, but I do wear silver. Hence the following two being my favorites.

Free Silver Jewelry this one isn’t my absolute favorite, but you can get a great deal on necklaces and chains, because with every order you have the option to ad a chain, and they’re ridiculously cheap, so I encourage you to take advantage.

Silver Jewelry Club is my favorite and the majority of the jewelry I wear has come from this site. They have things that are more my style more often than the other site does. But I have an odd style I guess, lol.

This site for free jewelry I found just now when I googled it. Looks pretty cool with various types of jewelry, I’ll definitely be going back to check this one out.

I got curious and started looking for more free stuff, and check out what else I found more free jewelry!

Here are a few sites that give free things I found funny, or interesting. ;D

Get a year’s supply of free condoms here.

Free surveys for money, a good source of passive income. πŸ˜€

Here you can get a free coffee cup that looks really cool and has a spoon attached, looks like it would be great for coffee or soup. πŸ™‚ This same site gives away a free pencil as well.

If you fill out the form you can get a free sample of Park Lane Jewelry, which looks nice.

The last thing I could think of is a site that I use frequently actually and was an afterthought to include here, it’s where you can print free calendars and things like that.

Enjoy! Share what you get πŸ™‚


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