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I was watching the Current channel, specifically a show about the Top 71 pods of 2008, interesting show, but more interesting were the different things I saw on the show that I’d never heard of before.

For instance, there are people in Jamaica that regularly apply creams, lotions and gels to bleach their skin, for style. ?!?!?!?! WTF!? They say they’ll do that instead of eat! Seems crazy to me, it can cause cancer, it causes sensitivity to light, so severe that some people only go out during dawn or dusk to avoid the pain. It’s illegal, but they do it anyways, but we all do what we want sometimes, regardless of the rules.

I’ve also been noticing on the History channel a lot of ads for a show about the Seven Deadly Sins, which I’ve heard of but never paid much credence to, mainly because I’m not an incredibly religious person. But it seems, from the little research I did, that there are lists of virtues in the Bible, but no list of any “seven deadly sins”, and read that the Church created this list. That didn’t surprise me. But I think I’ll be tuning to that channel a bit more because it seems to have interesting content. Any of you ever watch it?

A few days ago I sat down and watched Wall E. Cute movie, but kind of boring. There’s very little talk in the movie, it’s mostly centered around robots and a future us that trashed the earth so badly we created machines to help rectify the damage we caused while we went on a five year outer space cruise.

The five years ended up being centuries, in which people had changed from those with different metabolisms and virtually the same general bone structure of a mobile people to a structure of sedentary people, all resembling blobs with a smaller skeletal system. It brings attention to our ability to destroy our earth, but also to save it and in the meantime warns us not to create machines that can overrule, and possibly take over the human race. A little far fetched, but cute. That’s Pixar for you, pure silly entertainment.

I added things from our cruise to my scrapbook as well, all I lack is getting some pictures developed to ad with the newsletters we got every morning and the bill I’m adding to the end of the section about it. That was fun, but it didn’t take all that long.

I have a lot of plans for this year, I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited. I’m hoping to see lots of change. I left 2008 behind me with some relief. I have a new outlook, a few new ideas and I’m looking forward to a brighter year this year.

I hope you all had great holidays, I encourage you to share what you’ve been doing this holiday season as I’m sure like me most of you haven’t been online much.

Just wanted to drop a note for you all and share what I’ve been doing lately.



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