I love being a mom! Eyeroll…

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I was looking through my scrapbook over the weekend, adding some things from our cruise and browsing the pages I’ve done over the years.

I looked at some pictures of my son when he was such a young child, when I was still what the whole world consisted of for him and I wonder what the hell happened? He’s such a punk now!

Don’t get me wrong, overall my son is a really great kid, he is most of the time respectful does his chores when he’s reminded and doesn’t try to get away with too much. I try to let him just be a boy. But jeez, for all I do for him you’d think I’d get a smile occasionally. Nope. I have to use blatant reverse psychology to get one. I’ll say something that I know he thinks is funny and when he’s still stonefaced, I’ll say, “Don’t smile it might crack your face” and then he can’t help it.

The lengths I have to go to just to get a laugh! Yesterday I discovered I’m also supposed to be psychic. That was a shocker let me tell ya, the boy was leaving to go to school yesterday and had a really bad attitude all morning, so I stopped him and asked him if there was something he needed to talk to me about, something that had him upset. Turns out I didn’t wake him early enough, he’s trying to meet friends at a certain time that I was supposed to know. I vowed to wake him early this morning at a time we discussed and he seemed cool after that. Good, now he’ll have a worry free mind at school.

So I wake him this morning and get a ration of crap! He tells me he wanted to wake up thirty minutes later than I woke him, I said goodnight and shut the door but hubby wasn’t having it and went in there and reminded him that he fussed about what time he got up last night at the dinner table so now he’s got to deal with getting up.

I felt bad for him for a minute, then I remembered how crappy he was to me yesterday and I got over it.

I started thinking sinister thoughts like how funny it would be to embarrass him in front of his friends, just to be able to tell him I’ll do it again if he keeps acting like a turd.

Does that make me a bad person?


2 thoughts on “I love being a mom! Eyeroll…

  1. They have to be trained. I don’t mind if they’re testy and trying to figure out how to act. But turdliness deserves a little payback. Embarrassment is on of the tools we as parents have, powerful, so be careful … oh and have fun.

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