Opportunity Knocks…Is My Door Blocked By Thornbushes?

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Where oh where did I put my go getter attitude?

I seem to have misplaced that salesperson in me that has always obtained every job she has set out for.

Today I wrote a new cover letter and sent a freshly polished version of my resume off today for a position that would be a dream job for me.

Web Writer.

I would love to do what I love for a living! I know very few people get that opportunity but when I opened my email today and saw that in my Careerbuilder alert, I immediately hit the Apply button as fast as I could, then agonized over my cover letter for 20 minutes.

I’m taking classes this spring to brush up my grammar and possibly be exposed to more web tools in a Web Design Tools class I’ll be taking. I read some of the most techie websites out there so I’m not sure if I’ll learn anything new there, but I’m always willing to learn something, so it can’t hurt can it?

I hate to send off my resume to jobs I really want and then have to wait to hear, if I am lucky to hear at all. So y’all keep me in your thoughts and hope that I get lucky this time!

Happy Friday everyone!


One thought on “Opportunity Knocks…Is My Door Blocked By Thornbushes?

  1. Keep your head high and keep on trying. You will hear from one that is a perfect fit. Make sure to have friends and other bloggers look over your cover letter/resume to just be sure you didn’t miss anything key. It’s a crazy time out there, but the perfect position will come 🙂

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