Education Vacation Over!

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Thursday morning I found out that I needed to go to my school to register for my classes, online wasn’t going to happen for me because I’ve not done so well in the past with my classes.

So, very hopefully, I sent my boss a message through our interoffice system and asked for Friday afternoon off, all the while knowing that asking on a Friday morning was an iffy chance, even after consulting the schedule and knowing he had nothing he needed me at work for. It was a beautiful day outside, 86 degrees and that sun felt good on my scarily pale skin, it looked like a great day to blow off work and blow off some steam.

So the boss says yes, and I print the message so that I can show it to him as I leave, just in case he forgets….and I head out the door at noon, anxious to enjoy some much needed sunshine.

Little did I know it would take the entire afternoon! I was hoping to be in and out in an hour or so, preserving the rest of the afternoon for the aforementioned farting around.

I started at the admissions office, I had to re-apply for admission to the college because I’ve been out of the system for over a year. That line took about 45 minutes. I had to see a certain person after that so I was anxious because I knew what time they were leaving. When I got to the head of the line, they directed me to the person I was supposed to meet with and I did, which took all of about five minutes.

Then from there I had to go to the advising center because I didn’t do very good the last time I was in school so I was on academic probation. I had to get released to register for the classes I wanted to take, I got there just in time to be their last appointment for the day. I sat amused and counting my lucky stars as several people came in after me and they were turned away and advised to return on Saturday and to get there early. I had beat them all!

Then after I met with the advisor, who helpfully suggested a white noise machine for my problem of being distracted too easily. Unfortunately he had no recommendation for my guilt for neglecting my family while studying, for that solution I must go it alone.

After my advising session and registration into the classes I want to take, I was directed to financial aid, because I’m a poor little webmaster, I need help of course! So because I did poorly the last time I was enrolled in school, I’m also on financial aid probation it turns out. Oddly, this is only with the college, the federal government is cool with me going back to school.

Financial aid gives me an appeal form and tells me what I need to do to try to get my financial aid back and suggests because I do not have the money for my tuition that I go to the business office and ask for an extension. Which I did, and got an extension of a week to work out this appeals process.

All of that took me two and a half hours, so much for my Friday afternoon feelings of shirking my motherly, wifely duties and leaving work early – no the school couldn’t let me have a few hours feeling like a bad girl, they had to usurp my whole afternoon!

So it begins….


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