Dating and Interracial Relationships

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I struggle with what to write sometimes. I think about so many things, and it’s like the thought process for me is in three second fragments. I’ll be thinking about grocery shopping, and then I’ll be thinking about school, then laundry and dishes and it goes on and on and on and on…like the Foreigner song don’t stop believin’

Honestly since we got back from our cruise I struggle with what to post nearly every day. Then there are times like at Christmas, where I can sit down and come up with like eight posts in five minutes. That was craziness. I have rare moments like that. I’ll have to start looking through my emails of post ideas I’ve sent to myself over the past that I haven’t used yet. You’d be surprised how often ideas come to me in the middle of something else. Sometimes I’ll think it’s a good idea and I’ll send a note to myself, sometimes I’ll just forget it because I don’t think it’s a good post idea.

I’m kinda flighty that way. I get most frustrated when I deliberately sit down to write and come up with nothing. So today, after much thought and consideration, I’m going to write about a conversation that I had recently with a coworker. She is Vietnamese and a single female lawyer. (I’m having flashbacks to Robot Chicken’s Single Female Lawyer skit, lol.)

She was talking about her dating woes this I found interesting because of course, anything racially motivated is interesting. I’m nosy I guess, but I like to know our differences from other countries and races, culturally. I’m just interested in stuff like that.

She had mentioned before that she wouldn’t date white men anymore, and I never had inquired as to why, but this time I took the opportunity. Well, a loaded question it was, I was enlightened with her answer.

She said that she wouldn’t date white men anymore because from her experience, she said, “They could love me to death, literally love the shit outta me, but they’ll never love me as much as they love themselves.”

Wow! I thought. I’d never thought of love this way, at least not in regards to any of my relationships. Of course when someone relates something like that you look back over your current and past relationships and wonder if that rule applies to yours.

I won’t divulge the findings as I go over my history, but what do you think about this? Do you agree? Disagree? Have a similar observation to share?