Keller Kids Can’t Watch Inauguration?

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This morning on the news I heard that the students in Keller, Texas are not going to get to watch the Inauguration ceremony next Tuesday during school. Why on earth would that not be allowed? History in the making, a prophecy being fulfilled by the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and those students don’t get to watch. Who’s the asshole that made that decision?

The election of the first black president of the United States of America is a VERY BIG DEAL! It has taken this country far too long to realize this day, this dream that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of so fondly, and with such conviction. I hope the parents of those Keller students are outraged and making sure that the school board knows it by calling and emailing and making a stink because honestly, turning a blind eye to this moment is like turning a blind eye other major events, for example, September 11, 2001. Both events are equally historical to our nation’s history.

I’m astounded at that train of thought that doesn’t see the educational value of allowing students to watch history being made in America.

What are your thoughts? Should it be allowed in class or not?



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