GirlFriday What Did We Do Before Cell Phones?

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I was standing in line at the post office yesterday, part of my day job duties when a conversation behind me caught my attention.

I’m standing there, about third from the front when a young lady comes in holding a baby, a package and a cell phone to her ear. She comes through the post office to the front of the line, deposits her package on the desk of a postal worker and leaves, all the while holding baby and the cell phone to her ear. I think nothing of it except that she could just get off the phone or stick it in her pocket so that baby isn’t being held like a sack of potatoes but hey, the baby seemed fine with it so who am I?

Two older people (in their 50’s at least) struck up a conversation about her after she left the vicinity about her multi-tasking ability. It went something like this:

Man: Wow, she was committed to that call!

Woman: Kids these days.

Man: I wouldn’t be able to do that on a GOOD day!

Woman: Me neither that baby, the package and the phone, all on the ground, it would never work out for me that way. You know it’s funny I can call my son on his cell phone and he won’t answer, but if I text him, he’ll respond right back! They want a cell phone so they can be reached everywhere but then only answer it sometimes?

Man: I’m glad you said that, my son won’t even answer the phone and we’ve begun to take it kind of personal, and I don’t know how to text but maybe I should learn then we could communicate more frequently.

Woman: Oh I had to learn how to text so that I could at least ask where they were sometimes, but I won’t do it to have a conversation, for that I call.

Man: I just don’t know what we did before cell phones! How on earth did we get by?

Their commiserating struck me funny and I started chuckling, I couldn’t help it. Their comments dripped with sarcasm and irritation at the same time.

I rolled my eyes a few times too (I thought they were being a bit melodramatic). While I waited I thought about what I used to do without a cell phone, since they were coming out when I was going through middle school and have since evolved into these tiny tiny computers.

What I remember is that big unit that looked like carry on luggage, it had a strap to throw over your shoulder, it must have weighed like 20 pounds! My best friend’s dad had one, he was a doctor so I figured he probably needed it.

I got my first cell phone as an adult, after I started delivering pizza when I was almost 19. (Gosh I feel so old saying that!) I remember thinking, “Finally!” and I could call my friends and talk to them and just put the phone down when I went to the door to deliver the pizza, I loved it and got the biggest minute plan I could have, using all of those minutes every single month.

I discovered I could talk on the phone, shift my car and even eat while on my route delivering pizza. I was a talented multi-tasking delivery driver I tell ya! (I wish they’d had bluetooth then!

Now I can tell you that my cell phone plan has changed dramatically. It’s not just me on it anymore, it’s me, the hubby and the kid, and we all share 700 minutes. I don’t have near as much to say as I used to I guess. šŸ™‚

What did we do before cell phones?



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  1. We got off our lazy asses and walked over to our BFF house and talked to her, we used the pay phone and called dad to have him come pick us up… We didnt send text we just sent snail mail which ment so much more. We used our land lines for all our gabbing and hardley ever had to worry about it not working you dont lose a signal on land lines…lol

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