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I’ll start by saying it’s awesome. I’ve been a Netflix member since 2004, so when we updated our Xbox with the new Xbox Live (which is way better than the Wii’s options with your Mii’s and all- you get to dress your avatar and make it look somewhat like yourself) and discovered we could stream movies right from Netflix, we immediately got on Netflix and started adding things to our instant queue.

What you do is go to your Xbox Live Dashboard and go to Netflix and select what you have to to sinc the machine with Netflix, they give you an authorization code so you can go to and enter the code there to sinc your queue with your Xbox.

Then comes the most awesome deal ever – you can watch whatever is on your Netflix instant queue no problem. It’ll check your settings on your TV and make sure it looks as good as possible and then there you have it – movies through your Xbox!

We’ve watched all sorts of things, a lot of things from childhood that we wouldn’t waste the time to get the DVD for but watching it instantly is awesome, it’s like flipping channels on the satellite.

We’ve watched the Captain N cartoons from when we were kids, which is a cartoon that used the Nintendo characters that used to come on Saturday mornings.

You’d be very surprised at what’s available to watch instantly. Now, for all you people that like to watch sexy stuff, like erotic videos, that’s available for your instant queue too. 😉

I’d definitely recommend Netflix and using this service if you have an Xbox.

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