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I’m now registered in school for two classes, I am officially a student again, and I’m terrified. This morning I was looking over the syllabus for Web Design I, which I’m retaking because I got an F and I’m freaking out y’all. This instructer is serious about the concepts and ideas behind web design, I think she’s an artist.

I have to do a TERM PAPER! For Web Design??? Doesn’t that somewhat defeat the purpose, writing a paper about design? I have the option to do a one page paper and design a website, which I think I will probably do. I need to get more details. I have a lot of reading to do this weekend, and catching up to do. Classes started on Tuesday and I registered yesterday.

AND….I don’t even have my books yet! I will be getting that handled ASAP. I have a few more things to work out with the school while I get started, but they’ll work out. I still can’t believe I have to write a term paper. I’ve never had to do that.

So I’m a little worried about it, the classes I’m taking I won’t say seem easy, because that’s usually how I set myself up for disaster, expecting things to be easy. I keep telling myself that this semester I’m going to do better, take it more seriously and not think I can devote less time than everyone else because I’m SO smart.

Yes, I do get a little conceited when I become a student again. But truth is I shouldn’t really because I’d bet half my counterparts at least are doing better than I am in their careers. I wouldn’t even call what I’m doing a career because I don’t like it.

So wish me luck, I hope that this semester goes well.



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  1. Personally I don’t like school because they don’t teach you about how to survive in the real world. And the real world ain’t working a job and listening to everyone’s request. Although this might be intentional, in order for the economy to strive.

    Either way, take what you can out of it and move on to better things.

    toms last blog post..What if there was peace?..bad idea?

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