Valentine’s Day, Recession Proof

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For kids, Valentine’s Day means they’ll be getting candy from school, cute little cards and potentially a smile and hug or two from classmates. But for adults, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers to reignite the flame and spark some sexy passion into what might be an otherwise boring sex life.

Why not save some money this year on the night out, the limosine, hotel room and dancing and plan your evening at home. Notice I didn’t say save the babysitter money, by all means get the babysitter to come fetch the kids and plan themselves a night out because mom and dad are making sensual memories at home!

The economy is in trouble, we all have more worries than normal and we’re all stressed out. This is the best time to start exploring what you can do to de-stress in the bedroom with your mate.

Sex is important to a relationship and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not. At the very least sex is a release of seratonin, igniting the pleasure center in your brain and relaxing your body, releasing tension and unplugging you from stress, at least for a little while.

At it’s very best – sex is a fireworks worthy, mind blowing, toe curling treat that can make all your worries and stresses slip away, meant to be enjoyed by two loving partners intent on satisfying each other.

Sex is natural and fun and for Valentine’s Day this year, you should do something special for your mate, they deserve it, after all they put up with you don’t they?
Ladies, why don’t you get some professional pictures done for your man that are for his eyes only, or Gentlemen go that extra mile to make sure your woman gets hers too. After all, it’s free, fun and you know you both like it.

You could try out this product for your man, Like a Virgin to make it feel like the first time, and you know that’ll be appreciated, after a few kids and a few years, this might make things like they were before the kids!

Or you can try Nympho Niagara that makes sex so much more sensational for the both of you.

I defy one man to say No to his wife when she tells him she wants to spend some money on products or clothing that will benefit him only.

By all means explore those links further than just the products I’ve linked you to, in a suffering economy it’s important to find free things to do that are enjoyable for both parties involved, and I can’t think of a single thing I like to do more than my hubby!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, Recession Proof

  1. Lots of unhappy people living together right now, kind of sad, but I guess “that’s the way the cookie crumbles”, lol….wonder if that phrase will ever get old?

  2. @DeboHobo I think this is especially important now that the economy is in such dire straits, mainly because the minute money starts flowing freely again, the divorce rate I predict, will see a temporary jump as families and couples pull themselves up and decide they can afford to get rid of each other to try to find someone they’ll be happier with.

    People tend to stay together when they can’t afford the divorce or can’t afford to live apart, but once that situation changes, look out! Working in a law firm, it will be interesting to see if my prediction plays itself out. 😕

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