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I’m sort of watching Confessions of a Teen Idol, albeit with an air of fascination. Can I first say, this is SO lame. These people are doing their bestest to get back into the limelight to reignite their careers.

I think this is so sad, is there a Celebrity Unemployment Office? An unemployment office for the beautiful people or something? I understand that people have problems and all, but aren’t we all just a little tired of hearing famous people bitch about how hard it is for them?

The real trip is the guy running things is a has been, he was the big brother in the Wonder Years. I’ve always thought he had a strangely shaped head. Weird to see him on TV again. Some of these people you can tell are really sincere about entertaining people and really could give a shit about notoriety. I have always appreciated those stars that are more private, because when I’m watching a movie, I don’t want to even for a minute have a reference to a sex tape, a relationship, a bad breakup, a divorce, a tantrum in public, or worse. I want to see those actors doing what they do, acting, don’t make them real to me because then it stops being entertaining.

I’m all for this reality tv stuff because I love Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen and Cops and The First 48 and Cold Case Files and I know it’s saving the networks millions of dollars in scripts, actors, etc. But come on, isn’t it defeating the purpose of a reality to show to involve actors?

Celebrity Rehab is a show I can understand, and oddly enough most of the people on the show I had no idea even existed really so, I don’t care that I’m hearing about their addictions, problems, etc. you expect celebrities to have celebrity problems, going to rehab seems to be the cool thing to do lately, so hey I don’t mind watching, it’s kind of entertaining.

It’s mostly sad though.

I guess we all have our own preferences and ideas of what is entertaining and what’s not, that stuff just isn’t to me, but then again, I don’t read the star magazine’s and crap because I really don’t care what goes on in the life of celebrities. I care about them about as much as they care about me. Watching this stuff is like going to a museum, you yawn the whole time knowing you should be interested because it’s history or something, but you’re just not. Something about the smell or the way it looks, it’s just boring.

What are your favorite reality TV shows?

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