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My books are finally in and I’m behind already so I gotta hit the ground running this evening trying to catchup on my schoolwork. Technically I’m a week and a half behind, or four class periods for each course I’m taking.

Hubby is spending some time after work with the guys, it’s one of his coworkers’ birthday today (Happy Birthday!) so he won’t be home right after work like we’re used to. I can use some of that time to read and start working on it all.

I also am supposed to have my sister in law over this evening, she’s bringing my nephew to spend the night with my son. My poor little nephew is surrounded by girls at his house, his mom and his sister but at my house I’m the only girl, even the cats are boys.

Maybe next week I’ll share pictures with you of Punk and Rebound, I don’t think I’ve done that yet. I have a surprise for you all.

Remember that cruise I went on? I had guest posters all week, two of which were sisters. Well, one of them has agreed to start writing somewhat regularly for MouthyGirl, I’m very excited about this.

You might remember her post about the election, her name is Wendy. She possesses a strong voice and a quick wit and I think she’ll be a great addition to what I’m trying to do here.

I hope you guys have a lot of fun planned this weekend, and if you do, please think of me, I’ll be studying and catching up all weekend.


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