I Want That

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I’m not really a materialistic person, don’t really care that much about stuff, but to me some things are like toys. I have a lot of fun with them. Like what’s on woot today.

A bad ass 10 megapixel Polaroid camera for $59.99.

I want that.

Here’s a sample of what the camera I have now can do, 3 mega pixels (these are from Mexico):

I can’t imagine how good pictures from a 10 megapixel camera would be.


Commenters Sued for Slander and Libel

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We receive a magazine Texas Lawyer at the firm where I work that had an article that caught my attention this week.


Topix.com is a news website that specializes in localizing your news and allowing commentary on that news, I have seen the site, and even registered and commented on numerous articles. It is really a great source for local news, and I used it for the purposes of receiving local news and commenting with other locals on it.

The case highlighted in Texas Lawyer however, talks about a lawyer and his wife who were charged with a crime reported on Topix.com in the Collin County, Texas area.

Apparently the article garnered thousands of comments on the website and at least 178 of them were disparaging comments that angered the couple so much that a lawsuit was filed in Tarrant County, Texas for defamation of character and libel. The couple were acquitted of the charges and indicate that their business was damaged financially by the comments placed on Topix.com.

They are seeking the identities of the commenters on Topix.com and recently served Topix with a subpoena demanding the IP addresses of those commenters. Further, they announced the lawsuit on a forum on Topix.com in an attempt to notify those commenters that a lawsuit is pending.

I don’t know about you but I think they just need to put it behind them. Sure they didn’t like the comments, sure they might’ve even been slanderous, but honestly, in the true scope of things, does this matter that much?

According to the couple, business has been picking back up since they were acquitted, he’s not doing so poorly that he had to shut down either of his offices and quite frankly – wouldn’t they want to move on from this and just forget it all? Who’s to say that the slowing of business was due to the comments, maybe it was due to the charges filed?

What do you think about the potential liability on the commenters part? Do you think it’s right that Topix will be forced by this subpoena, to turn over the IP addresses of their registered users?

What do you think about online anonymity? Should it be maintained or should people making slanderous, libelous comments be brought out into the open and punished?


Social Media: How Do You Use It?

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A lot of us have a Myspace page, or a Facebook page, LinkedIn or are on Twitter, Plurk, MommyTalk.com or another social media website where we interact and connect with others, either for business purposes, social purposes or to catch up with old friends.


When I first signed upon MySpace it was the first time I’d been involved in social media, I was also learning alot about HTML markup at the time so MySpace filled two spots, musical interest, and the ability to practice what I knew of HTML.

I enjoyed it at first a lot, read a lot of bloggers that blog only on MySpace – and there are a lot there that are stellar bloggers, limited by the MySpace audience. One in particular that I enjoyed immensely still blogs on MySpace and by all accounts is very successful there, and has even written a book since.

I started blogging for the first time on MySpace. It was sheltered and useful in that I was able to learn my style, how I like to write and address people and I especially liked that I could control who saw the blog.

I’m interested in how you use social media, I have a MySpace page, LinkedIn, Twitter, MyBlogLog (which I hardly log onto anymore) and am open to others that might forward my cause as a blogger.

What are your thoughts on social media? A waste of time, or valuable resource?