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Last night I heard on the news that a local hardware store publicly offered former President Bush the job of greeter. All I could do was laugh, and hard. That’s a job even Bush couldn’t screw up!

Can you imagine a hardware store with the Secret Service for security? Ha! Maybe that was the idea and Bush being there is just gravy…

I also wanted to talk a little more about something I’ve been doing lately that I am really excited about. Listening to books on tape. I’m “reading” Four Blind Mice and looking forward to two more books I have to read after this. Let me tell you why I enjoy this so much, I’ve always been an avid reader, anything I can get my hands on that is interesting to me I will read, recently I used coke points won from McDonalds during their Monopoly promotion to get a year subscription to Conde Naste a travel magazine.

Of which I’ve gotten two containing amazing pictures that all too clearly remind me how broke I am right now…I told myself I was ordering the mag to inspire us to save money for a beautiful, magical wonderful vacation to one of these beautiful destinations. Vacation fund so far – $ 0.23, we’ll be vacationing in Tahiti in 2050 at this rate!

Anyways, I’ve always been someone who enjoyed reading to the nth degree, but in the last five years or so my time to do so has completely given way in the face of schoolwork, this website, my full time job, social networking (the little I have time for) and my family, in no particular order.

The solution to this is books on cd. EXCELLENT IDEA! For those of us that commute to work, someone was thinking of us when they came up with this idea. I’ll sometimes hang out in the car for a few minutes after I get home just to get to the end of the chapter. Just like when I read a physical book, I can’t put it down.

James Patterson is my focus at the moment, I used to read his books a lot more often when my son was young and I had less going on in my life, I stopped reading however around 2001 when my life became hectic, and has not yet slowed down.

So it’s nice to get caught up with my favorite character, Alex Cross, played by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls. I’m looking forward to the next two books I have waiting for me.

Have you ever listened to a book on tape or cd? Have the Amazon Kindle? What do you read and how do you make it work for you, so that you can still enjoy the activity?


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