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One thing that this recession has done for me is make me lose my ambition to move up the corporate ladder, not out of laziness, but for the sake of self preservation. I’m willing to take on more responsibility as long as it doesn’t come with the “title”. I know it sounds crazy, but there is a method to my madness.

My organization handles billing problems for corporate clients. Since the economy has tanked, our customers have more billing problems (translate: job security). Honestly, there aren’t more billing problems, but our customers are hoping there are. I get to tell them “nope, no problem here” but it usually takes time to research.

Recently, my company announced that it was laying off 8000 employees by March. While I’m still somewhat worried, I’m not as worried as some folks in other parts of the company.

And then I got hit with a conundrum.

My manager approached me about interviewing for position that is a grade-level higher than mine. Now this is a newly “created” position that never existed before. I told him I didn’t want it. He was shocked. “Why?,” he asked.

I told him that in the position I have now; I have more peers to be compared to. If our positions ever come up for the chopping block, I would feel more secure of keeping my job (cause I’m dang good at my job). But with the “new” position, there would be only 3 other people to compare me to. That is too risky.

Our conversation went on, and I got the impression that interviewing for this position was not optional. I had to do it. I couldn’t tell him no, cause when there are a bazillion people out of work, you don’t want your boss thinkin’ he can probably find someone to do your job that is better at saying “yes.”

CRAP. I told him okay, I’d do it, but not with the joy in my voice and skip in my step he expected. And I interviewed.

But I made sure to emphasis my weakness and not elaborate on my strengths. I wonder if they agree with me when I say “opinionated” is a good quality. I’m sure that is a quality every hiring manager wants in their employees (or not). I hope that purposely accidentally bombing my interview doesn’t backfire. Just in case, I might need to brush up on my ass-kissing skills.

I really hope I don’t get the job. I’m sure that is the first time I EVER said that in my life. But I really don’t. I really hope that.

I would gladly do the job for them for free, without a promotion.

Now, I really can’t believe I just said that.


2 thoughts on “Wendy’s Weekly Take

  1. I personally know Wendy and recognized from the first meeting how talented she is, and I saw the potential in her skills. I don’t believe being “opinionated” is a weakness, but rather a strength of character, with the intelligence to back up personal beliefs.

    Wendy’s skill’s have obviously been recognized by her management team, and it doesn’t matter what level she’s at, her competition will be very minimal.

    With times changing and our economy on the down-swing making any type of move should be made only after much thought and consideration. I have learned through my ten years of working with the same company as Wendy, that it isn’t always your ability which counts but as Wendy said, “Who’s ass you kiss.”

    Wendy you’ll be just fine, keep up the good work, and you and I will continue our personal conversations.

  2. I hear what you are saying, I am the only one that does my job and sure it could be meshed into the duties of the supervisors or another manager, but they don’t have the skills that I have. But if it came down to saving money they would more than likely say screw the specialist, heap the load onto a manager and get rid of her.

    I would survive for a short while without a job, but I would have to eventually cash the 401k check they would send me with a huge penalty and say goodbye to ever retiring.

    P.S. I love your new theme layout, I saw this one when I was choosing my new one. It looks good on ya!

    Debo Hobos last blog post..If The World Was A Village Of One Hundred People

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