Shame On Chris Brown

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I like him and Rihanna both, but after hearing that he attacked her, I’m a little miffed at the boy. Yes, the boy, he is 19. Only 19 and already on a charge for domestic abuse. Way to start adulthood Chris!

Not to mention what a great example you are setting for all of your fans, hey, if you’re up against your girl for a Grammy, just attack her – that’ll teach her talented ass to compete!

Jerk. Serves him right that the rented Lamborghini sits in the impound lot still, with Mr. Brown himself paying the fees for it. Not such a hot shot now are ya?

I hope Rihanna sees this for what it is and tells him the curb is where he belongs. No man, no matter how famous or how charming or how rich he is, has ANY right to lay his hands on a woman or otherwise threaten her to make her fear for her safety. Who in the hell does he think he is anyways?

JayZ discovered Rihanna, I wonder what he thinks of Mr. Brown?

*Updated: It occurred to me, how badly was Mr. Brown being defended against for him to have bitten her?? Go Rihanna!


2 thoughts on “Shame On Chris Brown

  1. I can say the same, I got a cd of his from a friend and didn’t care for it all that much.

    He couldn’t have screwed up worse, some of his endorsements have stopped playing and some radio stations aren’t playing him either, and as I’d hoped, she’s not taking his calls, from what I’ve read. Good Girl, she’s setting a good example of how a strong woman should respond when a man tries to behave like a caveman.

  2. I don’t think Chris Brown can really sing. Every time I’ve seen him perform he is lip syncing..and badly.
    And I think he’s a punk to be beatin on Rhianna. I hope she gave him a good one!

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