Weathering the Storms

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Yesterday morning on the news we heard there would be thunderstorms and high winds in the area, and the potential for tornadic activity.

Then we went on about our day as usual, we went to work, the kid went to school. I had a parent/teacher meeting and found out that due to the forecast, tutoring after school had been cancelled, as a precaution. This district really cares for the kids, I’m not just saying that. Son gets home, then after work we get home, still no storms or weather issues for us.

Finally we go grocery shopping (we put this off every week, we absolutely HATE shopping) and as we leave with our groceries we notice the wind has picked up quite a bit and now there’s lightning and thunder and of course we’re expecting the downpour to start as we’re lugging groceries up our three flights of stairs, this is usually how our luck plays out. (Have I mentioned what a pain in the ass that is? I highly discourage a move to the third floor unless, like us, you’re into forcing yourself to do things unconsciously.)

Fortunately for us the downpour started as we closed the door from bringing in the last armfull of groceries. We all take a few minutes to catch our breath and take note of how out of shape we are, except my son who plays outside regularly and is not phased by the stairs.

We put all of our groceries up, which took a few minutes between the hubby and I.

Finally, at 8:30 we started dinner, only to be interrupted by the power going out, we were hoping they would come back on pretty quickly but when they didn’t we put dinner in a bowl with a lid on it and stuck in the fridge for tonight.

At this point I’d like to take a brief sidestep from our story and tell you about our little Maglite, the hubby got a Lowe’s gift card for Christmas and being that we’re living in an apartment, we couldn’t think of a thing we needed from there, so as we’re trolling Lowe’s looking for something I see the Maglites and mention them to the hubby as we pass. That was it, he grabbed it and off we went to the register with his prize for Christmas. Last night I was ever so thankful for it because that sucker illuminates a room like a desk lamp would.

The little guy had Lucky Charms for dinner (he loved it of course) and went to bed, and we had sandwiches. We had dinner by Mag-lite while watching South Park on the hubby’s T-mobile Wing. We weren’t hurting too bad without power.



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  1. The rain hit pretty hard here last night too. I hope this isn’t a preview of what summer will be like..
    BTW, I was thinking all day that it was Thursday. That can ruin a perfectly lovely day..

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