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I don’t usually talk about famous people very much here, but this spectacle I can’t help but gossip about. Chris Brown has effectively fubar’d his entire career.

Last night as the news was talking about the various radio stations Chris Brown is being pulled from, I couldn’t help but let a smirk escape as I thought about a country musician who committed the same sin back in the 90’s who is just now able to play Cowboy’s to a crowd after that. Take a lesson from that, and you know country folks are a little more forgiving of their country stars.

Take a Bow Chris I think Rihanna is done with you, and so are the majority of your fans. You have just effectively made yourself history.

Now let me share a few words of advice with you Chris, stay in Virginia with your Momma, stop blaming your stupid actions on your stepfather, be a man and admit you made a mistake and go to college baby, cuz you’re gonna need it now! LMAO!

I guess you thought you could Run It, Run It. Yeah, Chris you showed us ALL what the young boy was gon’ do.


3 thoughts on “Take a Bow Chris Brown

  1. Wow! I had not heard that! Well, while I still don’t advocate beating on someone, I would certainly send em where they belong, the curb. I’d be interested to hear what Beyonce has to say about JayZ giving an std to Rihanna.

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  2. Rumor has it that she gave him a std which she was gifted from JayZ. To tell the truth if I were to get an std I would be beating someones ass too.

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