A Positive Spin

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I know this is going to sound strange for a moment, but you’ll be with me in a minute. We are in a recession, we all know it, we are all feeling it. I am fortunate to still have a job and do my best to keep it. But, I’ve noticed something else too.

Dollar Menus are popping up everywhere again. As recently as two months ago I can remember wishing for a dollar menu, my reasoning is not the cheapness as much as the portion size. When you order from a dollar menu, you can expect smaller portions and I like that. I’ve been a long standing opponent to a 64 ounce large and a cheeseburger that covers half my face. So I’m glad to see the dollar menu back in full effect because I know I can take two bucks and get a burger or something that isn’t big enough for two meals and when I order a medium drink, I get a 16 ounce drink, not a 32 ounce.

I also of course appreciate that I can make ten bucks last a week. I prefer to eat from home,but if I forget my lunch, which I often do, like today, I appreciate that I can dig change out of the cup holder and have lunch.


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  1. Yep..dollar menus are good. I work from home three days a week, so that saves me gas and eating out.

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