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I’m so tired of boys! Due to the President’s Day holiday, yesterday they were all at home while I got the joy of going to work, all four of them the two boy cats and the two human boys, hubby and son. But did they do anything productive?

Yes, they did. They rubbed down his car with FW1, apparently a very big deal, and made chicken fried rice for lunch. So the house is a mess, but the car looks great!

Excuse me while I go over to the corner and not give a shit about the car looking better than my kitchen. I think I need to revise my rule. If you cook for ME, I will wash the dishes. If you cook for YOU, wash your own damn dishes.

I did not appreciate the messy kitchen I arrived home to even a little bit. Not that it was spotless before but jeez! They had nothing else to do ALL DAY except what they wanted to do. I’m dissappointed to say the least that I have become the maid, what’s worse is that my son now acts like everything I say is comical, amusing or something, he’s not at all worried about me anymore, which really pisses me off.

I have days like this periodically where I just want to tell all of them to take a long walk off a short pier, but I don’t, like they say, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I know it’s because I’m irritated and they’re just being who they are, lazy boys who expect everyone to do for them but them.

What were those redeeming qualities again?


4 thoughts on “Boys!

  1. OF course they ‘should’ but people get complacent when it’s done for them all the time. It becomes expected, the ‘norm’ so to speak. I tried going for a week without doing any of it to see if people would notice or do anything about it, but after a couple of days I just got pissed off and did it

  2. Trust me, I have days like this too, and i’m a guy. I clean the house, I cook a lot more now that I work from home, and still I do the dishes. The only thing I won’t do, is fold laundry, I refuse to do everything. I mean, I work, look after two kids and keep the house in order. It’s not too much to ask.

    It pisses me off no end when laziness rears its ugly head. Trash not thrown away, when the trash can is two feet away. Glasses or single dishes not rinsed out when the sink and rack are empty. Takes 30 seconds..i mean, COME ON!

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