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I feel like such a giant child when I do this but I can’t help but keep going back and doing it again and again.

I’m talking about my Gangster version of me “THE MouthyGirl” on MySpace Mobsters. You laugh. This is a serious problem. Everyday I log in and not caring about anything else on MySpace I go directly to “Manage my Mob” and start fighting and completing missions, expanding my territory and my weapons cache.

I feel so out of control. But it’s the only place I can go to and be a millionaire and be passive aggressive and not end up in jail. Sure I’ve died a few times and people have taken hits out on me, but it’s just a game to me when that happens, the real fun is in the attacks and rivalries and the money. Oh, the money.

I have so much territory now that I make $90,000 an hour. Yeah. CHA-CHING!

I found out a few days ago that if I owned an iPhone, I could play the app on my phone. You know what I’m thinking? I might be in the market for an iPhone here shortly….

I’m so ashamed.



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