9 Year Old Gets Married as Dying Wish

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That makes headlines here. Last night on the news while hubby, the kid and I had dinner we heard about a 9 year old getting married.

It was apparently her dying wish that she be able to marry her best friend, who she met at Children’s Hospital where they both are being treated for Lukemia. It is likely that Jayla will pass in the coming weeks and her parents wanted to grant her last wish. It’s a bitter sweet story, the groom was very sad, because he knew he’d be losing his best friend, his wife, in the next few weeks.

It’s a very sad story. And of course made headlines because it just doesn’t happen here.

My son remarked “Wow!” that a 9 year old got married, and after the story was over I told him surprisingly people marry their children off at that age ALL THE TIME in other countries to be paid a dowry so that they can feed the rest of their family, really it’s more like child slavery than marriage, but also that child marriage is only news here because it doesn’t happen here.

I told him about a 10 year old girl in Yemen that was married off to a man three times older than her that beat her and made her have sex with him. I had to take the opportunity and let him know that there are children the world over that don’t have it like the kids in America have it.

My son is 11, and I know he is nowhere near ready to be married, or come close to being able to live an adult lifestyle. While that story is isolated and I can kind of understand the motives, what do you think of it?


4 thoughts on “9 Year Old Gets Married as Dying Wish

  1. I understand what you mean though. It’s not going to be as special as it would be if it were the first time when he’s an adult.

    I honestly feel they were thinking more of Jayla than her groom, of course because it was her wish, but I echo your sentiment. The poor little boy is going to have to deal with death in a far more real way than other children because at 10 he’ll be a widower.

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  2. I think it is a very romanticized story, and indeed very touching. However, what will the long term effects be on the “husband” when his “wife” dies. Is he going to spend the rest of his days morning the passing and be considered a widower.

    I think they have in someways altered there innocence, not in a sexual way obviously, but in an experience way. He will one day more than likely say “Oh, I’ve already been married” thereby making it not as special when he is an adult (God willing).

    Not that remarrying is not special….

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  3. it it was God forbid Madi’s dying wish that i could make possible in a heartbeat id do it. Although if i was the 9 yr old boys parents i certainly would feel like shit to not make this dying girls wish a reality but i might have diff feelings i dunno…

  4. I think it was a sweet thing for her folks to do. My gosh if my dear sweet Liv was gonna pass and I knew I would let her do any thing she wanted and that would include dressing up like a princess for a day and being a bride. I know my wedding day was something I thought about as a child and I knew that it would be special I would want the same thing for my daughter.

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