Social Media: How Do You Use It?

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A lot of us have a Myspace page, or a Facebook page, LinkedIn or are on Twitter, Plurk, or another social media website where we interact and connect with others, either for business purposes, social purposes or to catch up with old friends.


When I first signed upon MySpace it was the first time I’d been involved in social media, I was also learning alot about HTML markup at the time so MySpace filled two spots, musical interest, and the ability to practice what I knew of HTML.

I enjoyed it at first a lot, read a lot of bloggers that blog only on MySpace – and there are a lot there that are stellar bloggers, limited by the MySpace audience. One in particular that I enjoyed immensely still blogs on MySpace and by all accounts is very successful there, and has even written a book since.

I started blogging for the first time on MySpace. It was sheltered and useful in that I was able to learn my style, how I like to write and address people and I especially liked that I could control who saw the blog.

I’m interested in how you use social media, I have a MySpace page, LinkedIn, Twitter, MyBlogLog (which I hardly log onto anymore) and am open to others that might forward my cause as a blogger.

What are your thoughts on social media? A waste of time, or valuable resource?


2 thoughts on “Social Media: How Do You Use It?

  1. I have to say I dig on some socail media.

    At times it can be a big pain in the ass and seem that it is a bunch of folks stroking each other off for what ever reason… everyone likes gradification so if i give you yours will you give me mine? sort a thing.

    It is a great resorce as well and most often ppl are willing to help out. The whole marketing end of social media is way hard…maybe its cause I don’t have much of a back ground in it. I dunno.

    I have a myspace, facebook for connecting with ppl from my past and some shameless promotion of my work and more importantly a account where I have connected with many like minded ppl who are all on the same journy as me. I also am fimilar with twitter which seems to be more of a PITA these days but i still play every once and a while.

  2. I only got on myspace when my sister up n’ moved to california, but she’s back now. I use it mainly for my blog, which used to be avaialable to everyone until I got set my profile to private
    ..I’m not a member of the twitteratti..
    and don’t do facebook either.

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