Not for Sissies

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So I mentioned I have a new job… well because I yam who I yam I am working them both this week, the new one after the 8-5 and as much as I can cram into my lunch hour. Let’s not talk about the schoolwork I’m neglecting at the moment. Tonight I vow to spend some time putting together a schedule for myself that I will follow so that I can get everything done.

Did I mention I’m really tired? But it’s only for a week and I’m enjoying it really – regardless of how tired I am.

Baby Cat - Infrared

This next seven days holds three birthdays and three parties. My nephew Connor turns 1 on Saturday so we’ll be going to his party, then I turn 30 on Sunday so I’ll be of course going to my party that my Cousin’s roommate Jose so wonderfully volunteered to cater it back during Thanksgiving. (Mexican food – I can hardly wait!!) Then on the 7th my other nephew Levi turns 1, and his party is next weekend. Busy Busy in my family this month!

What are you guys up to this week? Any good April Fools Day jokes brewing?

What are your plans for the summer?


Wendy’s Weekly Take: Afghanistan

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Last week, President Obama laid out his plan for Afghanistan. His plan calls for committing 21,000 more troops and providing Pakistan 1.5 billion per year in non-military aid. To Al-Qaeda he says, “We will defeat you”. Many critics say that he is only widening a war in a region that history has shown to be impossible to claim victory. The Russians tried in the 80’s and ended up with egg on their faces.

From what I know about the area, it seems to me that 21,000 troops won’t do the trick, if we are talking about conventional warfare. I hope our president isn’t thinking in conventional terms, here. But of the small details he’s given, I have hope that he’s thinking outside the box, or at least moving away from the “with us or against us” mentality that has only created more enemies than allies.

The majority of the people in that region just want to live in peace. By indiscriminately bombing towns and villages killing many to root out a few terrorists, we create more terrorists. The war will not be won with unmanned predator drones. The war will not be won with shock and awe. It just won’t be won that way.

So how do we win the war? We win the war by creating peace. I know it sounds so cliché. But really, many of the men who joined the fight over there have nothing to lose. When there is despair, anger is sure to follow.

President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan recognizes that this war can’t be won by bombing these people to kingdom come. You have to give the people a reason to stop the fighting. The plan calls for training Afghan police and military. It gives Pakistan money to build schools and infrastructure in the regions along the border of Afghanistan where the Taliban and terrorists have found safe haven. It is a plan to give the people hope for the future. In turn, they will go about trying to live their lives instead of strapping bombs on their backs.

That’s how Al Qaeda will be defeated. They will lose their foot soldiers and won’t have the army to fight.

At least, that’s how I hope things work out. Maybe I’m just making eggs into omelets. What do you thin


Twitter Got Me a Job!

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Thursday evening I was on Twitter and tweeted that I was looking for a job on Craigslist. The next morning I woke up and checked my email to find that I’d had a request for my resume during the night, so I sent it on, you never know right?

Well just a few hours later I went to lunch from my job and checked my email again to find that my resume showed exactly what my now employer was looking for so I called him and we started discussing what I had to offer and what he needed done for his business. Seems my skills are right in line with what the company needs so I was extended an offer.

THANK YOU TWITTER. For that alone, it was worth signing up for Twitter, which I’ve now been on for nearly a year. I’ve met tons of great people and more and more are joining daily, recently I’ve started following Christopher Walken, MC Hammer, Mark Cuban (a local hero), President Obama is also on Twitter, as is Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and a host of other people you can find on or you can look for people close to your location at, you can even have someone suggest people for you to follow if you follow Mr. Tweet.

Twitter is a great forum for discussion, information and what’s going on all over the world generally. It’s definitely worth your while to check it out. I just sent my 4,000th tweet.

I love web 2.0. Wanna win the new iPhone? Follow @transat1 on Twitter, there are ten to give away!

Get more details at Happy Sunday!


Time Keeps on Slippin’

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J and I are still up, listening to music while I rip our cd’s onto my new laptop.

We’ve been reminiscing through some of our favorites and I’m learning what I missed while I was going through my shitkicker phase. LOL. Only listening to country and shunning everything else. Then I heard about Queensryche, which i thought was cool but then I heard Metallica and Queensryche was put into the lame category, in my mind anyways. Metallica took over.

Growing up I was exposed to different kinds of music. My dad has always been a rocker, so I heard rock music all through my young years, and my mom was into country so I was exposed to both. J’s mom only listened to country, so he hates it now which is sad, because some of the country music out there is really great.

Right now, Cold as Ice by Foreigner is playing. We’ve listened to about 8 tracks of Aerosmith – one of my favorites, in fact, one of the other tabs open now in my browser is the Aerosmith shop page :D.

I actually have a scarf that Steven Tyler once had on a mic during a concert. Very cool piece of history. Sadly, it was not I that went, it was a friend, but she generously gave it to me and now I cherish it.

I bought a laptop on Tuesday night at Fry’s, a nice Lenovo (IBM) and am now loading music onto it. Not the cd’s I’m not a big fan of though. I have quite the musical library. Spanning from country to rock to rap to metal. I’m diverse in my music tastes.

Now it’s Foreigner’s “Head Games”, we love Foreigner.

Nite all! I’ll leave you with a few videos of my many many favorite songs…

I can only link to this favorite, Rooster by Alice in Chains.

Same with One by Metallica from And Justice for All.

Well, it’s late and we just finished our Seagram’s 7 so I think it might be time to turn in….