TV: It’ll Rot Your Brain, but Here are My Favorite Things to Watch Anyways!

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I could watch the food network all day and be thoroughly entertained, but not have retained a single recipe. I’m the same way with the DIY network, I could watch all day regardless that I don’t have a place to do DIY projects, I just like to see what I could do if I had the want to and the place to do it in.

We have a satellite plan that I am going to reduce drastically very soon, the movie channels play stuff I’ve either seen, don’t want to see, or saw when I was a child (the latter being most often the case). We watch the History channel, the Smithsonian Channel, BBC which is a great channel, there’s another few channels we watch, including the Speed channel, that feature car auctions. I believe that you can learn from television, but agree that spending too much time watching it can be detrimental.

A long time ago, I made a joke about the three things that J likes to watch the most and called them the three C’s: Cars, cartoons or Cops. I’ve found it’s a pretty safe guess that one of those three things will land on the set when he has the remote.

Some of my favorite shows:

Hell’s Kitchen (definitely number one on the list) We have this set up to auto record on the DVR.
Dallas Mavericks games (when I have domain over the remote)
Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word
Law & Order
Law & Order CI
The Simpsons
Last Comic Standing
America’s Got Talent
The Closer
Nightrider – the old episodes
Home Improvement
George Lopez
My Wife & Kids
King of Queens
Adult Swim
Antiques Roadshow
Cash in the Attic


Those are a few of my favorites that watch when I can, a lot of it is rare because J doesn’t watch it, and we’re usually watching it together. When the hubby is working overtime I get Saturday mornings to watch movies. What are your favorite shows or channels to watch?


2 thoughts on “TV: It’ll Rot Your Brain, but Here are My Favorite Things to Watch Anyways!

  1. I swear we could be twins! My television watching is on such a routine it is ridiculous and (fattening I have gained 50 pounds since getting cable in the last seven years, anyhoo!)

    Sunday-ABC-Desp. Housewives, Brothers&Sisters
    Monday-ABC-Bachelor/ette or Dancing w/ the Stars
    Wednesday-ABC-LOST, FX-Damages
    Thursday-ABC-Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy
    Friday-Happy Hour after work-No TV
    Saturday-Food Network up until those annoying Down Home with the Neilies come on, the I switch over to Lifetime for a day of chick flicks. TCM and nap
    Sunday-Morning–Food TV-then go grocery shopping to make something I watch them make. TCM and nap

    I used to watch Who’s Wedding is it Anyway-until we broke off the engagement, so I don’t watch home shows anymore either.

    Debo Hobos last blog post..Would You Pay To Pee?

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