I’ll Sink Your Battleship!

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We had a blast!

We had a blast!

Last night J and I played Battleship. My supervisor at my last job loaded me up with games while I was working there and we’ve tried to have a regular game night. We have lots of card games like Uno, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, we also have Sorry, Life, Battleship and a few others I can’t remember.

So we took out Battleship last night and started playing. We played three rounds, with me winning the first round and J winning the second and third.

It still was a lot of fun, even losing the game. After we quit we realized that we had been playing it wrong. We were considering it a win once the battleship was sunk, and technically you have to sink the whole fleet.

Oh well. Friday night is game night at our house so if I remember to, I’ll take pictures and y’all can see what we did.

Do you guys have a game night? Play games periodically?


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