Rihanna, where is your pride?

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This is an open letter to Rihanna, in light of recent events and rumors, I had some things to say and here they are:

Dear Rihanna,

With the recent news of your reconciliation with Chris Brown I had to speak up. You are a beautiful young lady with lots of talent and a bright bright future ahead of you.

So what on earth would possess you to throw all of that away? You’ve been seen leaving out back doors with Mr. Brown, sneaking in back entrances, even creating diversions so the paparazzi can’t catch you. It’s because your family wouldn’t approve would they?

I have news for you Rihanna, your fans don’t either.

Remember “Take a Bow?” it’s time for you to channel that strength, to refuse to be treated in a way you do not like and especially, do not let people into your inner circle that would lay an angry hand on you.

Your fans have already kicked Chris to the curb for you, banishing him to the place of abusers, below the scourge of society, where he people belongs.

You however, have a problem. You seem to forget that with your fame came an adoring public, one that expects you to put him out! Show him that it is NOT okay to lay a hand on you in anger and that it will not be tolerated by you.

JayZ is behind you, all of your fans are behind you, where is your head? If you know you’re having to sneak around to be with him, shouldn’t that tell you something? That you’re afraid of people finding out you’ve reconciled should be enough of a sign to you, really.

Look at those pictures from the night you called the police, do you want to look like that again at his hands? Or worse??! Cut him loose.

Beyonce would.


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