Longer School Day, Year or Both?

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This morning on the news I heard them ask everyone to text in if they would agree with a longer school day for kids, a longer school year, or just leave it as it is.

Ironically, J and I were just telling the little guy last week about why there was a summer break for school to begin with. Not because the kids needed a break, no. Because parents needed their kids to help them tend the fields and bring in the harvest.

I’m sure that my son thought I was making it up and only trying to make him quit complaining. I do however think American kids could benefit from more education, it’s clear now to me at least, that American children are at a disadvantage compared to the offspring of other nations. It’s time for our kids to be more competitive out of public school, not just private schools that the elite can afford.

What would you vote for? Longer days, longer year, both or none? Why?


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