MouthyGirl turns 30!

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So there’s roughly three weeks until my 30th birthday and I’m pondering my next 30 years.

gameover :(

Sounds like a country song. In fact, it is.

“My Next Thirty Years”

I’ve never been intimidated by turning 30. I haven’t felt my twenties leading up to it, haven’t considered it a grand landmark or anything like that. If anything, I welcome 30 and all that the age comes with.

A lot of the insecurity I knew in my early 20’s is gone, I’m a lot more secure in who I am now, and some days, I’m actually proud of myself. My son is growing up, he’ll be 12 this year, that makes me feel old, but otherwise, I don’t feel old.

30 is just a number. My grandmother is 82, will be 83 this year. My mother just turned 50 this year. There are lots of birthdays, mine is just one of them and while it feels like it should be some sort of landmark, I can tell you quite honestly that when I was 18, I had no idea who I would be when I was 30.

DeboHobo has a birthday today. Happy Birthday Deborah!

Now that I’m almost 30 and I look back to when I was 18, I was so stupid back then. I made a lot of bad decisions, things that didn’t alter the course of my life, but could have been done better. I was lost when I was 18. I was also pregnant that year and trying absorb as much knowledge as possible about being a parent.

I think I’ve done pretty well. The kid is well rounded, smart, funny and a lot like his mom. 😀

Generally I guess 30 means to me that I get to look back at some things and be glad they happened, and look back at some other things and wish that they hadn’t, like the family members I’ve lost in the last decade. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened in my life though, only because they’ve all culminated and marinated and made me who I am today.

And I don’t think she’s so bad. 😉


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  1. I have to say also, turning 30 really didn’t phase me at all. Some of my friends really struggled with it, but myself, it didn’t bother me at all. I am turning 40 in a few years now, and again, I don’t see it bothering me at all.

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