Wendy’s Weekly Take: Tea Parties and Secessionism

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Lately there has been a growing trend of Tea parties and talks of secessionism. They both tend to appear more in the southern states. The tea parties don’t bother me much. They are made up of protesters who are against the increase in government spending. They are against Obama’s stimulus and his plan to help struggling homeowners. I’m okay with that. They have a right to protest. I might go to the next one on April 15th in Dallas just to see what all they have to say. Maybe I’ll take pictures. It isn’t getting much media attention, because right now the turnout is relatively low.

The other trend is talking of State Secessionism. I’m totally not cool with that. Not even the TALK of it. Glen Beck talked about it on his TV program.

Chuck Norris says that if Texas secedes he would run for President of Texas.

Chuck Norris

Holy crap! Chuck Norris?? Really? Not only does he talk about Texas seceding, he thinks people will be staging an armed revolution. Soon. I’m starting to think I just walked into the Twilight Zone.

You know, President Bush was an awful President. Many liberals threatened to move to Canada or France and some did while he was in office. I never once heard any of them call for civil war or secession from the union.

The main reason this scares me is because I live in Texas. And Chuck Norris is okay for movies, but not as a president. What if the citizens of Texas don’t like the job he’s doing and start protesting? Will he get a stunt double to karate chop us? I don’t like the idea of this at all.

I was born and raised in Texas. I would really hate to leave. But if Chuck Norris becomes president of Texas, I’m outta here. I hope someone up North can offer me a couch to stay on. That would be the American thing to do, anyway. I’ll be a political refugee.

And another thing, does anyone else think it’s ironic that the party of Lincoln is talking about secessionism?


6 thoughts on “Wendy’s Weekly Take: Tea Parties and Secessionism

  1. Dave, thanks for stopping by. But I take issue to what you are saying. Only because it’s disingenuous. The fact is that Washington runs on “politics as usual”. It’s naive to think a president can “change” that in 2 months. And the things the left “cried” about during the Bush years are being changed. No torture. Ending Iraq. Healthcare. The people who voted for Obama, voted for his agenda. I voted for his agenda.
    Now Dave, if you would like to expand on why you think the way you do, I’d be happy to hear it. Justifying what you are doing, because of what I did while Bush was in office doesn’t help your cause. Because when I “cried” and “whined” it was for REASONS, not sweeping generalizations and comparing the man to what other people did. I pointed out the THINGS he did. Period.

  2. How soon we forget how the Dems whined and cried during the Bush years. I don’t mind a Dem president, but it burns my ass to see him already lying and already in bed with “politics as usual”. Change my ass, we got the same thing, only in a different colored package. Big O is no better than Bush.

  3. Texas was once a country of it’s own, however it joined the union as a state and has benefited and suffered since along with the rest of the country. Chuck Norris sounds like he is throwing a temper tantrum because the Republicans are no longer in control so he doesn’t want to play anymore. God(if there is one) forbid that he be the president under such a horrific circumstance, we would revert back to the days of the old west, and how would we be any different than the warring factions like Afghanistan and Pakistan are dealing with? Would it be in the new Texas constitution that all people be christian? Be what religion? Carry guns in holsters? Homosexuals? Be against the law to be a mouthy girl? Good god I’m having nightmares, Wendy, I think you and I would be hanged!!!!

  4. Actually, our state constitution does not implicitly give us that authority, nor does it deny that authority.
    Nick, I agree with you. I’m really tired of their “Party of No” politics and crying like babies. The sad thing is that their “toys” were the financial futures of all of us. If you have a 401K, you know what I’m talking about.
    What else is getting on my nerves is conservative LEADERS, not just people in the party, comparing Obama to Hitler. It makes me scream at them on TV.
    But you call them out on it, and they say “well you did to bush!”

  5. While I do think Chuck Norris kicks ass, I think we should let California to be the Actor turned Governor state, the only one and keep Chuck Norris as our last resort law enforcement.

    While it gives me pride to know our state could secede if necessary, I hardly think a little recovery to our nation should prompt secession.

    It’s all a matter of perspective and at least with this president, in my opinion, things are looking far better for the little people like me.

    Thank goodness I have family in Kansas, I’m sure their floor has room for a couple pillows and sleeping bags. ;D

  6. Wow…they are acting like spoilt little children. They had they turn, for 8 years, and messed a lot of things up. Now they’re acting like they’ve had their toys taken away and having a little tantrum. Time to put them in the corner for a little time out, for like…4 years (hopefully 8)

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