AIG Million $$ Bonus Recipients Should be Ashamed of Themselves

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I was watching the news this morning and there is lots of discussion and outrage regarding the bailout sent to AIG by the government. AIG subsequently paid out bonuses to the top executives who have them written into their contracts.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, a New York Times Reporter was talking to Meredith Viera on the Today Show about the government potentially taking back the money from AIG and get this, he is actually defending AIG! Stating that they have to uphold their contracts and employees have to believe they’ll get paid what they’re promised, etc.

I’ll agree with that maybe when it’s factory workers and hospital employees, and the rest of us 8-5ers that have to work a regular job, with no promise of bonuses. We do have one promise though, if we foul up our jobs, WE’RE FIRED!

To those executives who cashed their million dollar bonus checks and have been making plans with them, shame on you. How can you in good conscience accept millions of dollars in taxpayer money?! How can you sleep at night knowing that you’re grandchildren will still be paying those millions back to the government in their taxes?

And aren’t you the same executives who, among other big corporate executives, collectively drove our nations’ economy into the shitter? So tell me, did you earn these bonuses driving your beloved bonus givers to near bankruptcy?

Did they guy who yelled “SHOTGUN” get the highest bonus?


2 thoughts on “AIG Million $$ Bonus Recipients Should be Ashamed of Themselves

  1. AIG is a huge freakin’ blackhole of decay. The government needs to split off the sick part of the company, and shoot it in the head and let the mother f’er die. Quit dumping money into it. Just let it die.

  2. Ya know its funny for most jobs you have to pass a back ground and credit check and take a personality test etc.

    But, in light of what is going on I am not sure why we have to go through that process when it is clear that the farther up one goes on the corporate ladder the more corrupt, unethical and dishonest one becomes. So the way I see it we need to simply start hiring street cons off the street to hold executive office for these banks and insurers. At least we will know they will run scam.

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