Obvious Disregard

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Tuesday I wrote about the AIG executives getting million
dollar bonuses and how much that pissed me off. Then
Wednesday I read that the President as well as top
administration officials knew that these bonuses were going to
be paid.

Here’s what I can tell you, working in a law office I can
attest to how quickly someone will sue when they feel their
employee rights are being invaded, and when it comes to a
million dollar bonus being expected, had AIG not paid those
out, those executives would have all filed lawsuits, I am sure
of it. And they would have won. It doesn’t take an extremely
great attorney to prove a contract exists, or to prove that
the bonuses must be paid according to those contracts.

Dollars !


Had these dumbasses been fired when the top people at AIG
found out the perils the company was in, these bonuses would
have not been paid out because the contracts would have been
null and void.


We couldn’t look to AIG for common sense to prevail at the top
level and get rid of these guys before they came looking for
those bonuses, now the government is going to tax the bonuses

What are your thoughts on all of this?


One thought on “Obvious Disregard

  1. Actually, this will be a constitutional violation, as well. Our constitution expressly prohibits us from making laws “ex facto” which means after the fact and it also prohibits making laws specifically targeting one group of people. I was going to write about this on Monday, but you’ve just about covered everything here.
    The media has made a bigger deal of this than is needed. Sure, it pisses me off, but really..if I had a contract that stated i would get x amount of dollars i would expect my x amount of dollars.
    The problem is with corporate executive culture. The big whigs truly believe they deserve to paid stupid amounts of money.

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