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J and I are still up, listening to music while I rip our cd’s onto my new laptop.

We’ve been reminiscing through some of our favorites and I’m learning what I missed while I was going through my shitkicker phase. LOL. Only listening to country and shunning everything else. Then I heard about Queensryche, which i thought was cool but then I heard Metallica and Queensryche was put into the lame category, in my mind anyways. Metallica took over.

Growing up I was exposed to different kinds of music. My dad has always been a rocker, so I heard rock music all through my young years, and my mom was into country so I was exposed to both. J’s mom only listened to country, so he hates it now which is sad, because some of the country music out there is really great.

Right now, Cold as Ice by Foreigner is playing. We’ve listened to about 8 tracks of Aerosmith – one of my favorites, in fact, one of the other tabs open now in my browser is the Aerosmith shop page :D.

I actually have a scarf that Steven Tyler once had on a mic during a concert. Very cool piece of history. Sadly, it was not I that went, it was a friend, but she generously gave it to me and now I cherish it.

I bought a laptop on Tuesday night at Fry’s, a nice Lenovo (IBM) and am now loading music onto it. Not the cd’s I’m not a big fan of though. I have quite the musical library. Spanning from country to rock to rap to metal. I’m diverse in my music tastes.

Now it’s Foreigner’s “Head Games”, we love Foreigner.

Nite all! I’ll leave you with a few videos of my many many favorite songs…

I can only link to this favorite, Rooster by Alice in Chains.

Same with One by Metallica from And Justice for All.

Well, it’s late and we just finished our Seagram’s 7 so I think it might be time to turn in….


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