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So I mentioned I have a new job… well because I yam who I yam I am working them both this week, the new one after the 8-5 and as much as I can cram into my lunch hour. Let’s not talk about the schoolwork I’m neglecting at the moment. Tonight I vow to spend some time putting together a schedule for myself that I will follow so that I can get everything done.

Did I mention I’m really tired? But it’s only for a week and I’m enjoying it really – regardless of how tired I am.

Baby Cat - Infrared

This next seven days holds three birthdays and three parties. My nephew Connor turns 1 on Saturday so we’ll be going to his party, then I turn 30 on Sunday so I’ll be of course going to my party that my Cousin’s roommate Jose so wonderfully volunteered to cater it back during Thanksgiving. (Mexican food – I can hardly wait!!) Then on the 7th my other nephew Levi turns 1, and his party is next weekend. Busy Busy in my family this month!

What are you guys up to this week? Any good April Fools Day jokes brewing?

What are your plans for the summer?


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  1. My sister, Linda, pulled one on me early..cause she knows I don’t fall for the crap on April Fools. She spent nearly 6 months out of work, and finally got a new job. She’s been in training for a few weeks. She called me yesterday and said she got fired for coming in late. I felt bad for her, but I was wincing cause right now she stays with my she went on and said our mom was pissed. I was so afraid she’d ask to move in…my place already has two dogs, a different sister on the couch and my many people.
    I was relieved it was a joke.

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