Fool Me Once…

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For my entire life I’ve know that once upon a time it was a possibility I would be referred to as “April’s Little Fool” – my older sisters’ name is April and my due date to be born was April 1, 1979. Hence, therefore, thus…

However being the MouthyGirl I was born to be, I waited for a few more days and made my grand appearance on the 5th, not to share my day with anyone else. We Aries are like that – needing our own spotlight.

But I’ve always had a mind block on April Fools and have never once played a joke that was believed, maybe I’m just not a good liar or I have a terrible poker face, either way I’m stumped.

I wanted to play a trick on you. SO BAD! I wanted to come up with something positively Genius that you would be talking about all year, but this morning I just haven’t been able to come up with any good jokes. See I’m not joke funny, I’m smart ass funny, big difference. ;D

So, I know you all have good ones – let ‘er rip!


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