Some People Have NO Tact

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You know I realize that we live in the times of Jackass and The Girls Next Door and Bret Michaels trying to find a wife on VH1, but you know it still pisses me off when people around me have no tact.

I’ve been working out a week’s notice at my employer, and today – on my last day – I come in to find that there are four interviews today for my job. Nice. I’ve busted my ass for this boss, taken all kinds of unjustified criticism, been yelled at because other people misfiled pleadings and documents and entire files and still I’ve been here and worked as hard as I did on Day one.

All week I sensed he was trying to get back at me for leaving. Something has been brewing underneath the surface while everyone was giving me sideways glances, mad because they don’t get to leave this place too.

Isn’t it sad when you start a job as hopeful as you can because you think this job will be great and shortly after you start working there you realize what a hell-hole you’ve just joined up with? I know why people quit without notice because of this place now. I’ve held my tongue and always conducted myself like a professional I thought and I just think this is tactless.

I’ve worked on their websites, started one up for them when his wife became terminally ill that he uses everyday to convey well wishes to his wife and share with them her struggles, I’ve worked overtime, designed fliers and brochures, worked at home, come up on the weekends, cared about the clients and their struggles, remembered their names and their kids and done the best job I think anyone could do.

And this is the thanks I get. No “thank you for working your ass off for me”, no “We enjoyed having you here”. No “we’re happy you found something you’re excited about..” Nope. Just four interviews scheduled on my last day like I never gave this place my all.

I feel like I’m emerging from the trenches with the flag of my enemy clutched in my bloody, bruised hand at last, victorious and glad to be alive having survived this.

Good Luck! Wish You Well! Peace!


8 thoughts on “Some People Have NO Tact

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  3. Some bridges are definately worth burning! You just have to know which ones. good luck on your future endeavors!

  4. Thanks, I’ve had that song on the brain for a whole week! It’s the whole bridges thing that keeps my mouth shut a lot. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know better, lol.

  5. For some reason, the whole time i was reading this blog that old country song “Take This Job and Shove It” was going thru my head.

    I’ve left jobs where I was miserable, and in my head I fantasized about ways to cause a big scene before I left. But the better part of me remembered the saying “Don’t burn your bridges”. I think that is a good idea..even if you don’t ever want to cross over that bridge again.

    Congrats on your new journey!

  6. No, this was his way of saying good riddance I’m sure. I had intended to stay the whole day, even brought donuts to everyone but I don’t even want to see him again before I leave, so I’m hittin the door at noon before he gets back from his trial.

    I fear I won’t have anything nice to say and my desire to end this on an amicable note will be gone.

  7. Let the trumpets sounds!!! She’s made it to the finish line. Great job!!!! I’m glad you worked there so none of us had to…LOL 😉

    So are you saying you had to conduct the four interviews for your replacement? If so that is totally rude…I would hire the least competent of the four and hit the door:)

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