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The economy situation has you freaked out and saving every spare dime you can, you’ve heard the rumors at work, the murmers of lay offs in the hallways at break and lunch time. It scares you, your family cannot afford to lose a paycheck, so you worry over it and are clipping coupons like never before and being a miser like you’ve never expected to be. This economic situation slapped us all in the face and scared the pants off us.

Our poor kids are more bored now than ever and guess what else folks…there’s about to be a baby boom.

Yup. So let’s do everyone a favor and still get out of the house and have a good time, I don’t discourage you from entertaining yourselves at home, but for crying out loud it IS another mouth to feed in tough times. (I’m just kidding.)

The problem is not lack of want to go out, you want to get out and have fun, taking trips to the zoo, amusement parks, museums, aquariums and an occasional bite to eat at a restaurant, not always Casa del your Kitchen. That hamburger helper is getting old.

For $15 (half off the regular price + free shipping) you can get the entertainment book for your city and start going out and having a great time knowing you’re spending half what everyone else is spending and that makes it more delicious. šŸ‘æ

I typed in my zip code at Entertainment.com and so far I’ve seen that I can get 50% off at Main Event where we can go bowling, play Foosball, have a beer, play video games and even play laser tag, we haven’t been there in a while, that would be fun. We can also go to Speedzone and race cars, play skeeball and all those awesome simulator video games. Then we can have a beer and a bite to eat and go outside and race some more, maybe even go bungee jumping. LOL, yeah right! Speedzone is a lot of fun though.

I’m finding out about a place called Going Apes in Burleson, TX (just down the highway) where they have arcades, bounce houses, air hockey (I love that game!), pool tables and a food court. I love to play pool but I hate pool halls because they stink from all the smokers. Nothing against the smokers because I indulge myself sometimes, but not regularly and I don’t like to smell like an ashtray.

There are coupons even for Putt-Putt and I’ve been wanting to go there, the last time me and J went I got two Hole in One’s, the scorecard is in my scrapbook, that was an awesome day. šŸ˜›

Entertainment.com – Dine. Travel. Shop. Save.

I could go play a round of golf at the West Dale Hill Golf Club with a free green fee, and that’s just a few blocks from my house, that would be fun. I’ve wanted to get back into that, my mom used to take me with her when I was around 11, 12.

You can buy the book online now and print your coupons too! That’s awesome and incredibly easy, less crap to keep up with and you can print your coupons as you’re going to use them, a perfect way to reduce clutter, or last minute searching for the coupon book.

I can get discounts at the movies, local gyms, shopping for electronics (or toys as I call them), buying clothes, which brings to mind “gently used” clothes. There’s a store we have here called Plato’s Closet where you can go and take your worn but not looking worn clothes and sell them to the store, who in turn sells them in the store. They have very high standards. You can expect to find things there you would buy at the mall or at department stores.

I can get discounts on fast food that I like, travel arrangements (road trip anyone?), casual dining restaurants like Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Incredible Pizza Company (a fun place), CiCi’s pizza, and other fun places like that the kid will like. I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten bored and this discount comes at a great time.

Some of the things I’m finding in this book I didn’t even know were around here! I’m ordering one myself because I’m tired of sitting around looking at the same four walls. They never change and I get tired of video games.



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