That’s Enough I’m Getting the Waterhose

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Alright people, come gather round in a circle and let’s talk.

Back in November we talked about taking care of your business, making sure that sex life of yours is intact, healthy and keeping everyone happy. Because if not, eyes start to wonder and as soon as the economy gets better the divorce rate will rise drastically and you my friend will be left buying plastic fakes to replace the real thing.

However, I did not tell you to go and make BABIES! You guys are procreating, not just having a good time between the sheets. Don’t you know we don’t need a baby boom! I know you’ve already started, I know I know, but spread the word children, there are alternatives. You can have fun without making babies! I promise!

I’m disappointed in you, I thought you knew better than that and that you can’t have nearly as much fun when there are little feet pitter pattering about in the house.

All you celebrities need to listen up too, now that you’ve all decided to have babies the magazines are making it cute and hip to have little tricycle motors – just stop it!
Our teenagers don’t need to follow the example of Juno, no matter how cute and touching the movie was, in real life it’s not that damn easy!

So your assignment is to check out the links I’ve given you, add some spice to your life as well as some sanity, and report back to me in the morning! If you don’t heed my advice you’ll be buying clothes like this and reading books like this.

You bunch of rabbits!


6 thoughts on “That’s Enough I’m Getting the Waterhose

  1. I think large families are a blessing for all in them, especially the children, they learn social skills, time management skills, survival skills even – all before they even start school.

    Your life is beautiful I’m sure of that. I have one son, and always wanted only one child, I came from a larger family, I have three sisters – and I love them and have a closeness with them that I never had with any of my friends.

    But when I had my son, I was in a marriage that didn’t last, and divorced before he was two. I didn’t meet the love of my life until my son was 5 and by that time I could not imagine starting over. My son is 11 now, almost 12 and I can’t imagine diapers, more so now than when he was 5.

    I know people start over all the time when they have grown children, but the way I look at it is this, I have some serious years of work ahead of me to handle my retirement, I don’t want to rely on the government – I don’t want children that were born from my generation to be paying for my social security benefits.

    That’s just not fair to them. I’m glad you have a large family and are fulfilled by them. I am, I believe, equally fulfilled by my small family of me, hubby, kid and two cats. ๐Ÿ˜€

    This was a fun post!

  2. Hmmm Let me be the voice of reason, I have five kids and I didn’t get them from not having sex. I get laid more then most people do and I know that for a fact. :roll:

    As for having more fun- my life didn’t get interesting or worthwhile until I had five children in my life. People who run after their own needs and run after friends or social networks that come and go have no idea the joys of having a large family. I have never been happier in my life or less bored either.

    One other thing- My children will all work and pay into the failing social security system- supporting more retired workers including probably you- then a family that only has one child. Unless you are independently wealthy when you retire- you all should think me for producing a bunch of well mannered- highly educated, self motivated children who will pay your way in life later. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That will be all- don’t hate me because my life is beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Michelle Gartners last blog post..Happy Easter From Fat Albert & the Junkyard Gang

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