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I told you I’d fill you in on what I’m doing. As I’ve mentioned I work at home now, which poses its own challenges to my productivity. But ultimately, there is nothing standing in the way between me and work except myself and distraction. Fortunately, distraction is low.

I now promote scholarships for new students and those wanting to return to school, referring them back to the details at TheEssayContest.com. I’m using every method available and need lots of help.

My job is to get the word out to as many people as possible that these scholarships exist. It’s no small task as I’m sure you can imagine. There is A LOT to be done on the site, A LOT. I have a lot of writing to do, changes to make, and pages to build, oh my.

To put it very simply, we’re giving money to students who can write good position style essays of 1200 – 1500 words and meet our guidelines.

Additionally, we’re raising money to provide grants to K-12 schools through a separate essay contest. There will be more to come on other projects we’re working on.

We’re aiming to try to have 125,000 applicants by July 10th and I need to hire around 1000 people to help me spread the word about this opportunity for students to start their careers where they should, debt free and ready to take on the world.

Ironically, I get to hire people to do a job they would get fired for doing on any other job.

I’m excited about promoting this opportunity to new and returning students, since I just recently returned to school myself with my eyes on going back full time to obtain the degree I’ve been after for several years.

The grand prize winner of this contest could potentially win a full scholarship and a car! The more people that apply, the better the contest is for everyone and the bigger the scholarship awards. Our scholarships are self funded which means everything we get in as far as entry fees and donations go right back out into scholarships, we’re not waiting on investors to come up with the scratch to award you, when we notify you that there is an award for you, we have it.

You can find more details at theessaycontest.com.
But wait, there’s more, I’ve started revamping the website so that it’s easier to navigate and I’m also working on putting forms up for people to get more information. I would like to put up an FAQ page, but to do that you have to have questions, so ask away, and help me build the FAQ page. 😀

You can comment here if you questions or you can send them to me at faq@theessaycontest.com and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.


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