Google Why Are You Making My Life Hard?

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I’m staging a revival of the blog that started it all, and I’m doing all that fun administrative stuff, going back into the feedburner logs and renewing things, changing things on the site, etc.

I heard about Google buying Feedburner, very cool. But now I can’t get access to the feed details for anymore, it says my password is invalid and further, I don’t know if my subscribers were even getting their updates anymore since the buyout.

So now I have to start all over again with a new feed. For those of you signed up for the feed currently, go ahead and unsubscribe and resubscribe using this link:

Subscribe to in a reader or by email.

Sorry for the bother but Google Made Me Do It. Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss anything!



2 thoughts on “Google Why Are You Making My Life Hard?

  1. Sign in to your Google account, then you will find a link to your Feedburner account, it’s all changed since Google bought them out.

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