Wendy’s Weekly Take: The Latest Obama (non) Controversy

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The news has leaked: The Whitehouse has its puppy. His name is Bo and is a purebred Portuguese Waterdog. It is apparently a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy. The media is in an uproar! But Obama you PROMISED you would get a shelter dog! Actually, what he said was “There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic, but on the other hand our preference is to get a shelter dog, but obviously, a lot of the shelter dogs are mutts like me. So, whether we are going to be able to balance those two things I think is a pressing issue on the Obama household.”

In another interview, Barbara Walters suggested a Havanese, a small terrier breed. And Obama said, “It sounds like a girly dog….We’re going to have a big rambunctious dog, of some sort. “ Let’s face it, of the big rambunctious breeds; few are hypoallergenic and difficult or impossible to find in a shelter.

So no, he didn’t adopt one from a shelter and he never “promised” to. But from what I understand, he did make a donation to the Humane Society, which is in dire need right now due to all the “foreclosure” dogs. My hope is that those who do not have allergies and can do so will adopt from your local shelter.

Now, the media can direct its attention to the things that are really pressing: the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan and pirates.

Wait, pirates?

Maybe the reason for the big coverage of non-consequential items such as the Obama puppy is just more evidence that the world has gone crazy. The media can’t even handle it. They need a break from the craziness, and they sense that we do too. A controversy over a puppy is easy for us to wrap our minds around. We can understand that. That kind of controversy is more “comfortable”.

We can’t understand what brought a man to storm a community center and kill 13 people and then kill himself in New York. We can’t understand how 600,000 Americans are losing their jobs each month, while we gave billions to some of the corporations that employed them. We can’t understand how growing deficit is going to help things at all. We all feel a little helpless in the craziness.


A puppy we understand. Even if the puppy is “controversial”.


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  1. Nice article. Glad I’m not the only one who gets impatient with silly news stories like this. Maybe next time you can do one about Michelle Obama’s sleeves. 🙂

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