Underestimating Greatness

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I few days ago I wrote about this video, or rather, I posted it here because I was sure you’d enjoy it. I don’t know how many of you actually watched it but if you didn’t click here and watch it. It’s a great video and ends beautifully.

But the thing about the video that resonated with me is how grumpily we tend to go about our lives. We are a cynical people you and I. It’s really kind of sad. Proof of our overall attitudes was given to us in pure form of medicine we deserve to take in the form of Miss Susan Boyle.

I’m sure all of you have heard about Susan Boyle, the Scottish woman? If you haven’t you have to take a few minutes and watch this video and you will be amazed. She comes out there on stage in front of three very harsh judges – judges that we take delight in watching cut down the worst of competitors, as if it’s a sport – and looks incredibly homely. She confesses that she’s never been kissed and is 47! Visions of Steve Carroll and that silly movie are entering your mind, she is the female equivalent!

But when she started singing you could see a wave of emotion and surprise in the audience and on the judges faces and you could see the emotion in their faces as the song went on. When it was over and the judging commenced, as Piers talked about her song you could almost hear the emotion welling up – I expected tears, he said without a doubt that was the biggest surprise he’s had in three years! Amanda Holden then spoke and was dead on in her comments.

She says that she knew everybody was against Miss Boyle (and you could see the audience gearing up to boo her in the beginning, laughing at her) and that she believed they were all being a bit cynical and that this performance was the biggest wake up call ever and she is so right.

Miss Boyle had the voice of any famous singer, comparable to Whitney, Aretha and the person she most wants to be like, Elaine Page. All she needed was a little opportunity and validation and now she will no doubt go very far into her dreams.

Those two videos will put a smile on your face and can, if you let it, restore your hope that there is greatness in this world and we are meant for great things!

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2 thoughts on “Underestimating Greatness

  1. I think what will be most remarkable is how the way she looks will change. I will be quite surprised if in one year she doesn’t look remarkably different. Inevitably someone will convince her to change. I sincerely hope by the “cheeky” way she spoke that she is a MouthyGirl and will not do anything she’s pushed to do unless she wants to do it.

  2. I saw the look on everyone’s face when she first stepped out on stage..some people’s expressions where incredulous. How dare she? This homely woman could not possibly know how to sing? And then they heard her voice. Half the time people aren’t given a chance because of how they look.

    The opposite is true, as well. Very attractive people tend to go further in life because for some reason people think they are smarter. We only need to look at Sarah Palin to know how wrong that is.

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