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I’m the latest recruit to fitness goals, I mean sure at the beginning of the year I had the intention to do something. Fat lotta good that intention did me. When I bought the Wii Fit I had good intentions too but I found that to be too choppy to feel truly effective – and too slowly paced. I want to be taken into a workout quickly after warm up, reminded about posture etc. while working out and I want it to be fun, and over before I know it. Wii Fit gives me too much control and makes it almost too fun. Great for some, not so much for me. I need a little authority in my workouts.

This week I started working out at home to Crunch – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend with Ellen Barrett through my Xbox, it’s free for instant download on my Netflix account, which I only use through the Xbox anymore so I wish they’d add more titles to instant availability, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that she isn’t joking! At this rate, I dare not imagine how quickly I’ll be seeing results, but I’ll say this if the soreness is any indication, I’m gonna dig it! I thought living in a third floor apartment would make a difference, you know that maybe I’m sorta fit. Um, no.

She has kicked my butt and made me realize in 40 minutes that I have gotten lazy. I worked out on Tuesday and again on Wednesday to Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates also with Ellen Barrett, because I needed to give the muscles I worked on Tuesday a break.

But today I went back to the Crunch Super Slim Down for the hardcore workout I got on Tuesday. This morning I got out early and bought a yoga mat so that I could save my knees from the carpet burn and worked out after I got home and had some breakfast. It makes me feel great to workout…you know once the sweat is gone.

Last summer my dad had a stroke and that scared the hell out of me and since then he’s been telling me to lose weight, at first I was offended, then I realized it’s only because he loves me and wants better for me than himself. Not that we’re even close in size but I can appreciate his concern. It’ll be far easier to get in shape and stay in shape now than when I’m his age, 50! Now I need to reform my eating habits and I should be really making progress in my health!

Maybe I’ll start posting progress notes. How are you taking care of your body?

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Have a great weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “The Latest Yoga / Pilates Recruit

  1. I’ll go check that out, I wanted to try something different tomorrow. I was a workout junkie when I was still able to go to Women’s Total Fitness, I went everyday and loved every minute of it. Thanks for the heads up..isn’t there a way to share lists on Netflix? Maybe we should 🙂

  2. I’m a longtime work out fiend, but I had foot surgery 2 months ago and STILL can’t do anything weight-bearing. Which has actually worked out kind of well, because I’ve been concentrating more on Pilates and weights — both of which are so good for you. I really like “Weight Loss Pilates with Kristin McGee.” It’s amazing for really good Pilates moves and getting your heartrate up — something I haven’t really been doing. I like it so much I actually bought it.

    Don’t you love Netflix? I’ve got a bunch more workout DVDs in my queue. It keeps me from being bored. If I come across any more good ones, I’ll let ya know.

    Good luck!

    JD at I Do Thingss last blog post..I Remembered Prudence’s Birthday so you don’t have to (but you should have)

  3. I used to go to the gym when my son was small and I lived in Desoto – it was Women’s Total Fitness and I felt very comfortable there, but I don’t like coed gyms so this is my compromise. I’m glad I finally have made time to do this feels good to be sore because it reminds me that I’m doing something.

    I hear the YMCA has a lot of great equipment if there’s one close to you. They were building a big one in Keller when we moved back out to Euless, I understand they allow 12 year olds and up to work out there as well under a family membership.

    MouthyGirls last blog post..The Latest Yoga / Pilates Recruit

  4. I was once really into fitness. I went to the gym 6 days a week. I used the elliptical trainer (talk about whipping your butt into shape). If I didn’t leave the gym soaked in sweat, then I didn’t feel like I had done anything. (I know, gross visual).
    Then I bought a house and my gym is no where CLOSE to me anymore. So i quit.
    All that progress was wasted.
    I need to go back, cause I felt a whole lot better then.

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