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I’ve mentioned before I’m in school again. We have yet to see how successful I am this semester. Seems everytime I try to go back to school and enroll and all that, I get halfway into the semester doing well and something always happens that puts me behind.

It’s me I know, my discipline is out of whack. Yeah I know, it’s because when things change and I have a new project I go 120% at it and I forget everything else. In this case, that included school work. I’m such a damn slacker.

On Sunday, while I was trying to get at least something done that was worth a grade in web design I started playing photoshop designing would be logos for my site for school. Of course I played with a logo for MouthyGirl but it’s nothing worth looking at. Truth is when it comes to design, fashion, shopping, which bag I should be carrying, how I should wear my hair, how the forks are laid at the table, all that style shit – I’m clueless.

The hubby has more style than me, by a lot!

So yeah, the logo looks terrible I mean my son could prolly do better. Thinking I might start a chipin page or something so that for those of you that hate the design, you can send me a buck to go towards a new custom design, lol.

Screw that, I’ll just install the buy me a beer plugin. You’d buy me a beer wouldn’t you?


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