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I spent some time yesterday looking through a few pages of posts on Sabrina’s Money Matters and found some gems that I wanted to share with you. Every writer will agree that everything they write is not top notch quality. Some days I’m grasping for anything, I’ll watch the news just to get an idea of what to write about sometimes.

Yet it doesn’t always yield a fresh idea and I’m forced to find a new avenue and today is one of those days for me. I’ve got dark clouds in the mind today and clouds behind my eyes as well. Sabrina’s Money Matters was my first blogging effort, maybe I shouldn’t have started with a niche blog, but I still get some traffic to her and have been writing there again little by little.

The first post I want to share with you is called Security in an Insecure World. I thought of this post when I was working with the investigative firm that I just recently left and thought it would be good to share with my readers just where exactly our personal information is stored that we don’t think about until it’s too late.

The next post I want to share with you is a fun post I wrote as part of a small series of cheap dating ideas to use that guarantee fun, but not a big dent in the wallet. This post is called $20 Dates, The Living Room Luau. Not a bad post to read before Friday night.

Another post I wanted especially to highlight was How to Lock Your Credit Report. You can do it without Lifelocks’ help and monthly fee. Realistically I don’t like Lifelock I think it provides a false sense of security. But that’s another post, and one I’ll save for Sabrina’s Money Matters probably, so sign up for the SMM feed if you haven’t already so you don’t miss that post.

Last for now, but definitely not least, is an article I wrote that still gets a surprising amount of traffic. SMCStreet.com and NewFuture.com are highlighted as scams in this post. In this article I even refer you to websites to teach you what these companies are trying to sell you.

That’s all for now folks, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood and can write something fun for you.


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