How’d I Do?

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The most nagging thing about parenting, the scariest thing ever is wondering how I’m doing. I think we all ask ourselves questions as parents..

Am I screwing him up?
Did I just yell over something stupid? Is that ok?
Does he hate me?
Why doesn’t he talk to me?
He thinks I’m stupid doesn’t he?
Is he going to need therapy when he grows up?
Is he going to believe in therapy?
What if he turns into a Scientologist?!
Does he really like to look like a bum? Should I care?
If I don’t care will he have pride in his appearance later?
If I care too much will he be self absorbed later in life?
Is making him do chores really teaching him responsibility?
Should I ground him over his grades or just warn him to do better?
I know he hasn’t learned how to be a slob from me, is he going to outgrow this?
Is threatening to embarrass him in front of his friends him a bad motivation tactic?
Is he hungry or just bored?
Can growing boys eat too much?
Is he eating too much?
Is he eating enough?

It goes on and on and on from there too. It’s exhausting the things we think to ourselves about raising a child. What kinds of arbitrary things do you find yourself worrying about with your kids and your child rearing ability?

And hey, I wrote a post that’s been featured at – it won’t be featured here, I wrote it specifically for MT and it’s along these same lines, so read it! 🙂


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