New Stuff and Overdue Thanks

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I’ve bought a few new domains. – currently set up for a school project and set up as a personal blog. Sort of an unplugged version of me.

It’s dark with a smidgen of pink and I’ve called it Sabrina Fair, after the play, woman of the world. I like that I have a rare name and it’s always kind of made me laugh that most people consider it a Hispanic name and expect me to be Hispanic. Kind of ironic just cuz I’m so pale, lol.

I wanted to take some time out and thank Wendy for her contributions every week to – isn’t she awesome?!

I love her writing style, she is a true storyteller capable of bringing you right into her emotions and involving you in her point. Her posts reach out and grab you right through to the end and that’s what I’ve always liked about her writing.

I was selfish for a long time and kept her to myself on MySpace, where she blogs as well. If you ever want to see only her posts here, just click the category link above “Wendy’s Weekly Take”(<---or that one) and all her posts will show up for your reading pleasure. Eventually, I realized I had to share her and thankfully she was willing to guest post here, every Monday I'm anxious to be the first person to read her post for the week, it's one of the few treats I allow my nerdy self, lol. I'm privileged to be able to share her talent with you all and I'd love it if you have a favorite post of hers if you'd share that in the comments here. Thanks everyone, and thanks Wendy!


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  1. Understand, Gabby, but I also encourage discourse. One thing I will not ever do is attempt to drown out opposing view-points. You are always welcome to comment your point of view on my posts.

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